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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Election

Many of my New World correspondents have recently apprised me as to the fact that you Americans are having yet another of your experiments with Athenian democracy. Far be it for me to counsel you as to what course of action your young nation, having only just come into existence within the limits of my own lifetime, should take, but I believe it clear which of the two candidates is superior. Please, for the sake of your nation, the sake of the relations between our two great nations, elect the older man with greater experience, the military hero, the reformer of an old, corrupt party, the maverick.

Vote early, vote often, vote Harrison and Granger in '36.


Lisa said...

He'll never win. The Whigs are too divided. Besides, why would you not want a man who has pledged to carry out his predecessor's illustrious policies? Vote Van Buren, I say!

Rob said...

You are advising us on the current election of 1836, and yet you say you were alive during the founding of our nation threescore years past? Milord, you are older than you let on.